Public Speaking is challenging, and time needs to be spent mastering the skill.

A majority of the people presenting their work on a day to day basis, in offices or at conferences, lack the focused skill set to communicate their ideas effectively. Public Speaking & Presentation Skills are often not seen as a priority until it's too late. This is where Hard To Be Human comes in. 

What We Do

Individual Leadership Training

Individual Leadership Training

Individual Leadership Training


We work one-on-one with clients to improve their direct communication skills to get what they want through a revised communication plan that fits their objectives.

Team Building Workshops

Individual Leadership Training

Individual Leadership Training


We help teams propel to excellence through focused communication skills broken down into new and clear steps.

 Our goal is deep listening and an activated approach to communicating; it is a physical activity.

Professional Acting Services

Individual Leadership Training

Professional Acting Services


We specialize in work with non-native English speakers and American dialect coaching.

Our focus is on enunciation, accents, and speech as music.

Client Highlight

Anna Kozlova, Conservationist, Underwater Filmmaker, and Deep Water Diver

Anna Kozlova is an enthusiastic scuba-diver and visual storyteller. Originally from Moscow, raised in Crimea, she holds the depth record of 170m among Russian women and is also a highly-qualified tech and cave diver. With a background in biochemistry, the way in which science reveals our most intimate human-nature relationship, inspires her to be a filmmaker whom writes, directs and films documentaries dedicated to this way of seeing.
She also participates in different scientific and cultural projects related to marine life and underwater environment, and is available for speaking on the topic of diving and underwater filmmaking.


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Interruption! How Language Can Work...


The world of linguists is fascinating to me.  Read this article on Jewish conversational style, and contact me to get clearer on  your own way of communicating.


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